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24-year-old teacher Stef from Winchester believes women tend to be more selective with their pictures than men: “We might have a group picture to show we have fun but we’ll make it one of four or five pictures of just us. ” The thing is, men know group shots are annoying, so maybe they just really don’t have any better photos: “Generally girls having lots of group pics is a negative thing,” 24-year-old Londoner Jake explained.

“People tend to view group pics as trying to hide yourself which is usually not for good reasons.

We also put more effort into our dating profiles: “In my experience, girls put more effort into their profiles so that it represents every side of their personality, whereas (especially on Tinder) some guys just post topless photos or have only group shots,” 21-year-old student Marieke from Leeds told .

“In my opinion, the most successful profiles for guys are the ones where they're actually dressed and don't look completely hammered in every photo,” she added.

Photofunia is a website that imposes your picture on many backgrounds. Online avatar makers include Power Puff Girls, Mad Men, and Bitstrips. The first thing someone does when they schedule a meeting is Google the person they are meeting with. Yet, you’re unlikely to find people willing to admit they will judge someone based on a profile photo. Choose pictures that speak to your personal brand and are appropriate for all social platforms.

These range from the pages of a book to a billboard. If it makes sense to do so, play around with these popular avatar generators.

You can try bright colors to elicit a better response. You can take it to a new level by generating a toon as an avatar. If you want to build trust and rapport with your audience, use your best profile photos. Some people contend there are no more first impressions. Always make sure to select your best profile photos.

One theory is that young women simply have more photos of themselves - when we’re all dressed up for a party or night out, we’ll ask our friends to take a quick snap.

What’s more, women generally tend to be better at knowing their angles and how to pose in photos.

Obviously each person is different and this isn’t a very nice way of looking at it but this seems to be the vibe among people that I know.” Don’t try and hide yourself.

If you look exceptionally hot in a group picture, fine. But for the love of God, don’t make it your first picture, don’t use it if all your mates look better than you, and don’t combine it with four other group shots!

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