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A stainless steel Diwali Pooja Thali with gota patti border and elaborately decorated with traditional cloth.The perfect partner to every Diwali ritual, this Pooja thali also comes with small stainless steel katoris to preserve rolli and tikka.See how the candle arrangements make the decoration one of the best example of diwali-inspired marvelous decor.The combination of white and red candle made the layer look like a sparkling decked decor.

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Fireworks, lighting of Diyas or small clay oil lamps and sharing of sweets are just some of the traditions being practiced during this time, to name a few.The combination of red, yellow and orange flowers on the middle, plus the candles that illuminate its beauty, turned this decor into masterpiece.Image: Hue n Splash Not just in homes, people are also decorating in offices for Diwali.Candles in brass holders are also used, just like in above photo.The design is actually simple, a large peach flower in a brass basin, surrounded by lit candles. There are now diyas with colored of green, yellow, red, etc.

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