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Calls feel a bit more like a normal phone call with video added on.

You can tap the video icon to turn on video, or just make a quick voice call if you'd like, which might be the fastest way to discuss something that'd take too long in chat.

Gruveo Price: Free; /month Pro plan for screen sharing, custom branding, and info about callers It started out as a whimsical take on a team chat app, one that made discussing business plans and deadlines a bit more fun with emoji and GIFs.

Today, Slack is one of the most popular team chat apps, and it's taken chats beyond just text and images.

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Odds are, it'll sound great, too—even over congested airport Wi-Fi. To chat, you'll need to use i Message—and on i OS, switching apps turns off your video—and there's no way to share your screen.

And it includes a chat sidebar for quick collaboration. You can register your own link to let people call you.

Then, instead of putting your phone number on your site, just leave enable Gruveo's browser call notifications (or install the Gruveo Chrome extension) and you can receive video calls anytime anyone needs to get in touch.

But for a quick, clear video call, it's hard to beat.

Face Time Price: Free with an Apple device Tip Not using an i Phone?

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