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Online dating has many other perks apart from the usual services they offer.Some sites organize events and promotions for their subscribers, speed dating and gatherings to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone a little and socialize.Some of these are more like glorified escort services.While there aren't many web sites that will help you locate gay millionaires, here's a brief guide to how you can locate them on the internet with the help of specialized gay dating websites and general dating web sites.This defeats the very purpose because multimillionaires are generally wary of gold diggers and you'll only scare them away.Some of them may only be looking for a toy-boy and if you're looking for such an arrangement, go for it.

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They have chat, video streaming, message boards, useful articles and a very large membership base. Singlesnet Singlesnet is a very large dating web site.Now here's the percentage of gays estimated by region, as per the survey: San Francisco -- 15.4 percent Seattle -- 12.9 percent Atlanta -- 12.8 percent Minneapolis -- 12.5 percent Boston -- 12.3 percent Oakland, Calif. -- 9.8 percent Portland -- 8.8 percent Denver -- 8.2 percent Long Beach, Calif.-- 8.1 percent Many gays and lesbians do not come out in the open about their sexual preferences for fear of discrimination.This means they owned US $ 1 million in assets excluding their primary residences. North America had a total of 3.2 million people who qualified as millionaires.With a population of 301 million people, this means, about 1% of the population comprises of millionaires.

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