Intimidating a witness kentucky

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He completely fell apart when unable to give well practiced and coached answers. He had clearly been coaxed to establish this point, apparently as the FDA’s prior admission defense against this future line of questioning, but it rang hollow to me. Fox asked why they destroyed the samples if they were concerned with contaminates, and why they didn’t test for contaminates if that was a concern.

His nervous mannerisms were of the type most people associate with compulsive lying. To me, the FDA looked at best incompetent and more likely as if they were making up charges against Sam after the fact with no corroborating evidence and only insinuation and baseless unsubstantiated accusations.

Of all of the bullshit federal cases, this ranks among the bullshittiest.

The first couple of hours on Monday were jury selection. They filed into the court, and back out, and back in, and back out, and back in, and back out, and back in.

Following a two week trial, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty in favor of Mr. Ceballos was able to have all charges dismissed and plead to simple possession of marijuana. Law enforcement discovered a hidden compartment located within the vehicle which contained in excess of 30 kilograms of cocaine. Hughes was stopped while driving the vehicle a short time later. Shy Heath Case Number: 05 CR 3716 Jurisdiction: Jefferson Circuit Court Judge: Denise Clayton Result: Jury verdict of not guilty Type of case: Trafficking in a Controlled Substance (Cocaine)/Subsequent Offender Summary: Mr. Upon searching the residence police found cocaine located in a safe for which Mr. Assorted drug paraphernalia and currency was located throughout the home. Heath was found not guilty of the felony offenses and being a subsequent offender. Andrew Fields Case Number: CR-00036 Jurisdiction: United States District Western District of Kentucky, Louisville Division Judge: Special Judge sitting from Michigan Type of Case: Possession with Intent to Distribute Crack Cocaine Summary: Mr. The witness allegedly related to the homicide which Mr.

After many phone calls between the driver of the vehicle and the target of the investigation, Mr. Following extensive pretrial negotiations and motion practice Mr. Gray Case Number: CR-00093CRS Jurisdiction: United States District Court Western District of Kentucky, Louisville Division Judge: Charles R. Heath was targeted at his home by members of the Louisville Metro Police executing search warrant. The defense argued facilitation, a misdemeanor offense, which Mr. Craig was charged with at the time of this allegation.

I was eager to hear the federal government’s case against Sam and it was all about the rules. The court told Sam what not to do and he did it anyway. How his products hurt nobody, how he had tried repeatedly to satisfy the arbitrary, confusing and at times nonsensical demands of the FDA even though they imperiled his livelihood, etc.

The FDA’s first witness was one of the two FDA agents who had visited Sam at his Bath County property. Girod said that the FDA approves drugs that kill people.

The FDA also exerts jurisdiction based on interstate commerce, which is the justification for most federal overreach and excessive regulation.He was asked if the deputy arrested the man, presumably for attempted assault or something similar. Did he ask the deputy to arrest the man so charges could be filed? Do you know the name of the man who rushed toward you? At worst, the Amish raised their voices when the FDA showed up for an unexpected and hostile inspection. Not necessarily in the stunning display of legal prowess, but rather in the manner of a seasoned home town lawyer who has a lot of common sense, and who speaks in a manner that a local jury will understand and appreciate.That’s much better than a slick high powered high dollar attorney in my opinion.The jury was unable to reach a verdict on any of the counts. Craig was charged with homicide and tampering with physical evidence. Craig was scheduled to begin trial on May 19, 2010. Bennie Berry Case Number: 93CR-002875 Jurisdiction: Jefferson Circuit Court Judge: William Knopf Type of Case: Wanton Endangerment/Menacing Result: Jury verdicts of not guilty Summary: Mr. Following a jury trial held in June of 1995, the judge entered a directed verdict of acquittal against Mr. At the conclusion of the one week trial in Meade Circuit Court, the Court directed a verdict of not guilty on all counts against Mr. The government recovered approximately 22 kilograms of cocaine allegedly intended to be delivered to Mr. The government executed search warrants at Rice’s home finding two kilograms of cocaine hidden in a wall compartment within the basement and approximately 0,000 in U. A motion to suppress the Title III wiretap was sustained an affirmed on appeal resulting in the dismissal of all charges against Mr. The government appealed the case to the United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio. Summers was accused of two counts of Rape First Degree and intimidating a witness. Summers alleged that he forcibly raped her on multiple occasions.The case was re-tried on February 25, 2002 ending March 20,2002. On the morning of trial, the homicide charge and tampering with evidence charge lodged against Mr. Berry was charged with wanton endangerment and menacing from a dispute over unauthorized use of his vehicle. In a landmark decision the Sixth Circuit agreed with the District Court and affirmed its decision dismissing all charges against Mr. The defense argued that the relationship was consensual. Summers was acquitted of rape and intimidating a witness. Joyce Victoria Smith Jurisdiction: Jefferson Circuit Court Judge: Edwin A.

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