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Students must attend regularly (at least 70% of the total contact hours) and produce the required number of written assignments.

The workshop teacher can evaluate students' participation in a variety of ways including exercises, written work, class participation, a test or final in-class writing.

At every class meeting the teacher will provide input on specific language and text features and engage students in carrying out related tasks.

After every class students will do autonomous work, written exercises and brief written texts, according to their language level.

With the objective of achieving a stronger specialization of their professional profiles and making them more attractive for the potential employers, the students will have the possibility, after a common basis of core courses, to choose two different tracks.

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In addition, students will acquire solid methodological tools that are needed to understand and analyze economic and financial phenomena, including the acquisition of basic legal concepts.

During this master students learn how international public policies are made, implemented and evaluated by national governments, international institutions, multinationals and civil society as a whole.

This advanced master course prepares students with graduate degrees (or Italy’s ) to become international public affairs experts who can reach across specialist fields to find more innovative solutions to difficult complex public policy challenges.

Graduates in Corporate Finance will have the opportunity to work within finance divisions of large corporations, corporate banking and M&A divisions of investment banks, financial advisory and consulting firms and investment funds.

The Department of Economics and Finance and the Department of Business and Management are pleased to present the master's degree program in Corporate Finance.

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