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When at home, Margery worshipped in the church of St. Margaret, whose feast day was July 20, was the virgin martyr tortured and killed for her espousal of Christian chastity by Olybrius, ruler of Antioch. 194 hodys, hoods; typettys, tippets; daggyd, ornamented with points and incisions. 199 town N, see note, line 462; hey Gylde of the Trinyté, the Guild of the Trinity was the most powerful of the town of Lynn's parish fraternities. 193 gold pypys on hir hevyd, gold pipes as part of a fashionable headdress. 198 kenred, kindred; hym semyd nevyr forto a weddyd hir, i.e., he did not seem like the sort of person to have married her. 63 er than sche ded any wryten, before she committed any to writing. 56 mevynggys, movings; steringgys, stirrings; trustly, with faith, trustingly. far wyth hem, were so wonderful (astonishing) that she could hardly deal (fare) with them.

85-86 schuld cun best rede the booke, should best be able to read the book. 466-67 executor, executor (of her spiritual estate). 476 er Whitsonday, before Whitsunday, the Feast of Pentecost; sle, kill. 478 knowlach, knowledge; was wone befor, was accustomed to before; gan neygh hir, came near her. 434-35 I schal not byndyn yow soor, I shall not bind you (swaddle you) tightly. 449-50 for sche was so long dyfferryd therfro, for she was so long deferred therefrom. 456 chastyse us her how thow wylt, chastise us here however you will.

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