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If you have a backyard or a big enough room, you can figure out how to fly the AR.Drone 2.0 in just a few hours of entertaining experimentation.Whether you hail from Albury right through to Zingari, e Harmony can help you to find Australia singles in your area.

Two styrofoam bodies are included: an indoor body with foam rings surrounding the rotors, and an outdoor body that keeps the rotors exposed.You can still keep flying it until the battery becomes critically low, at which point the drone will power down and attempt to land safely. Drone 2.0 is a nice middle ground between toy and enthusiast device.It's not a remote controlled helicopter for hobbyists and it's not a quadricopter camera mount for professionals, but it's much more than just a toy helicopter.It's a fun trick, but it also kills the battery quick; in my tests, after a few barrel rolls, the drone was down to less than 30 percent of battery life after only five minutes of flying.Once the battery power gets below a certain level, the stunt function stops working so it doesn't run out of power mid-flip.

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