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downstream to a more remote and wide open swimming/sunning area that is perfect for skinny dipping (suits optional)." Several swimming opportunities in the Palouse river about 1.5 hours north of Walla Walla. from Dougan Falls (above), keep right at the fork, and, after you cross two bridges, see the falls on the left. LAT, LON: lat=45.72784, lon=-122.13110 (source: map) (accuracy: general area) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. The falls themselves are only about ten feet in height but the cliffs adjacent to the falls reach to about 30 feet high. Go about 2.1 miles on FR 64 to the place where this road crosses the creek and park. The Carson hot springs hotel is on the opposite side of the river, you can easily look it up on-line to get directions when I asked around I was told to hike the trail behind the hotel, there really is only one trail head although it is not marked but you can easily see where it is, so I took the well maintained trail and in one part of the trail the path forks, one way going down and one going up take the path down and continue walking, this is where it gets tricky.

From Walla Walla, take RT 12 east about 45 miles then turn left on RT 261 north about 20 miles to the Palouse Falls State Park. During the summer one can usually watch swimmers jumping from these tall cliffs into the punchbowl pool below. To get here from RT 14 near Carson, go north on Wind River Rd (along the Wind River) into the Gifford Pinchot N. Walk upstream just under 1 mile (some slow going) to the falls - the swimming hole is in the pool at the bottom of the falls. I followed the path which led me to a suspension bridge with of course tons of signs about trespassing, and coming down the bridge was a hiker, so I decided to ask him if he knew exactly where they are and he did. LAT, LON :lat=45.72875, lon=-121.79547(source: De Lorme) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP.

If the road is not gated, proceed down to the lakeside camping spot and beach access. This from a fan:"A great popular desert hike in or boat in only swimming spot in a secluded cove of Banks Lake with large jumping rocks into deep cold water. Official swimming place in East Fork of the Lewis River in county park. Keep left at any slight "Y" in the road which is now NF-5400-1. WHEN CURRENTS ARE LOW IN LATE SUMMER IS THE TIME TO SWIM HERE. BE CAREFUL OF CURRENTS HERE - DO NOT GO IN IF CURRENT IS STRONG!

Otherwise park near the gate and hike down the 100yd road. Watch for Rattlesnakes and exercise appropriate safety practices when jumping. To get here from RT 503 in Battle Ground, turn west (left) on RT 502 (W. Continue onto NE Manley Rd then turn north (right) on NE 82 Ave and continue to Daybreak Park. At the "T" meeting NF-5200, turn right on NF-5400-2. In about 3 miles from RT 101 pass Elwha Campground and continue past campground to the Elwha Ranger Station. LAT, LON : lat=47.49852, lon=-121.76154(source: Geocaching site) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. WHEN CURRENTS ARE LOW LATE SUMMER IS THE TIME TO SWIM HERE. LAT, LON : lat=47.54528, lon=-121.8411(source: USGS) (accuracy:exact) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP.

This from a fan:"Nice lakeside crescent sandy beach cove perfect for primitive camping and swimming in the deep cool lake. Clothing optional is the norm here and there is plenty of room for everybody. Continue on RT 7 for about 16 miles then turn left onto 352nd St E/Golden Rd/Labor Devore Rd right onto Eatonville Cutoff Rd E for about 5 miles then turn right onto RT 161 S/Meridian Ave E into Eatonville. From the far parking lot, veer left to the sign, park and climb down the rocks to the bank. From Eatonville (above) go south on Mashell Ave S and take the 1st left onto Center St E then continue onto Alder Cutoff Rd E and go about 6.5 miles. Turn left follow the dirt road over the Cle Elum river and up the hill about .25 mile till you come to a rickety bridge. Then trails that lead to two different swimming holes one on the left and right of the bridge. LAT, LON: lat=47.63549, lon=-122.2784(source:map) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. There is plenty of parking - perhaps it is a boat launch area - and a day use fee in the summer. Popular swimming hole in the "Little Si Natural Area" at the foot of the Little Si mountain in the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River.

To get here from Coulee City, go north on RT 155 for about 8.3 miles, look for an unmarked gravel road on the left about half way up the hioll as the highway starts a steep climb. To get here, continue north on RT 503 past Battle Ground and see signs for park. Park Web Site LAT, LON lat=45.82044, lon=-122.53519(source: De Lorme) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Then: In Eatonville's Smallwood Park, the Mashel River has lots of pools made by rocks and logjams. LAT, LON: lat=46.85978, lon=-122.26052(source: map) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Then turn left onto RT 7 S/Mountain Hwy E/National Park Hwy and go 5 miles then turn right onto RT 7 S and go about 16.5 miles then turn right onto RT 508 W and go to the bridge over the Tilton River. From I-90 east of Seattle, near North Bend, take exit 62 (Kachess Lake Rd.) and go West onto NF 54 and go over the Yakima River and continue for 13.2 miles (later mostly weaving around & under the power lines and along Sunday Creek). To get there, stay on I-5 north toward downtown Seattle, take the exit for Madison St. ) and go east on Madison to the end of the street at the park. It's never very crowded for swimmers, but lots of people launch their kayaks and rafts there. BE CAREFUL OF CURRENTS HERE - DO NOT GO IN IF CURRENT IS STRONG! THE SHERIFF HAS CLOSED THIS LOCATION WHEN THE CURRENTS ARE STRONG. Popular falls for viewing with unoffical swimming and jumping from rocks in pool at the bottom.

Though not a 'legal' nude area, it sees regular clothing optional use and is a great spot for it. Be respectful of others, watch for Rattlesnakes and please pack out your trash. " DIRECTIONS: This from a fan:"From Ellenburg, take I-90 east a short way to Vantage, then take I-90 across the River and take exit 137 onto RT 26 east towards Royal City/Othello. At about the 7 mile marker on the Washougal River Rd north is a great swimming family hole with a rope swing and rapids to tube through.

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Park and hike the 1/2 mile trail along the lake to the swimming cove against the cliffs. Go to the overlook of the main falls (the swimming places are NOT at the main falls). The falls are located along the "Whirlpool Loop Trail." WEB SITE , MAP From I-5 exit 253 in Bellingham, take Lakeway Dr. LAT, LON :lat=45.92628, lon= -121.97917(source: De Lorme) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. From the bridge you can actually see where they are of course they were flooded but I got the general idea, so on the way back about halfway back from the bridge I saw a steep trail heading directly where they were it had a how do I say it a shoelace tied around a tree apprently it was to assist you down the steep trail and this is completely legal to go this way ! From here, walk upstream on a trail that goes along the railroad tracks and look for a rapids - this is Little Palouse Falls. Great swimming opportunity in the South Fork of the Walla Walla. LAT, LON: lat=45.67329, lon=-122.15615 (source: map) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. east about 1.75 miles Turn left onto Silver Beach Rd and enter Whatcom Falls Park. I am so excited to visit the hot springs twoard the end of summer, my friends in town say yes people do still go there to soak in the springs so I hope this helps and please ! Trail along beautiful creek with waterfalls and swimming holes. Follow this road as it turns several times for about 9 miles total, then turn left on National Forest Rd. 1270 bridge used to cross the Cowlitz River near Mt. This spot is very secluded and only known to locals..skinny dipping is very possible and happens. The river is wide, deep and slow here - after spring run-off is over, of course. " This from a fan: "From I-5 (south of Olympia) take Exit 68 and go east on RT 12 for many miles to Packwood, in Mt. The road is gated at the river because the bridge is out so park and hike down 1/2 mile to the river's edge and the large swimming hole." DIRECTIONS: From Tacoma, take I-5 north to Exit 143 then take S 320th St. A great variety of plants, animals and birds make their homes in or near the lush oasis created by this year-round stream." LINK TO INFO From Wenatchee take RT 28 south about 16 miles then turn northeast (left) onto Palisades Rd and go about 14.7 miles then take a left onto Moses Coulee Rd.. Places to (primitive) camp along the trail beginning about 1/2 mile in. Amazing experience." To get here, continue north from Lewisille County Park (above) on RT 503, go past Amboy to the small town of Chelatchie then and turn east (right) on NE Healy road. This from a fan:"Great swimming hole where the NF Rd. At about 5 miles east of Packwood, take a turn off to the north (left) onto NF RT 1270. Dash Point Road, Federal Way From the BLM web site: "Visitors are drawn to scenic Douglas Creek canyon for its hunting, fishing, hiking, and dispersed camping experiences, as well as swimming in the deep pools and waterfalls at its south end.

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