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Most of the set design was done for free by God since 90% of the movie consisted of characters walking in the woods, all of our characters had one change of dirty clothes for the entire production, and the side witches dresses looked like leftovers bridesmaid gowns from one of the P. The ‘special effects’ consisted of one suspect gargoyle and some particle effect stuff that can be done in almost any video editing program, and Shannon Dougherty was the biggest star in the movie.

A woman's boyfriend dies in a fire after a fight over the couple's unborn child.

Of course they have to show that there is magic..., when the witches are killed, their body is instantly disappeared...

My overall rating is 1, that is for making this horrible movie and spending the money to finance it, but don't waste your time to watch it.

This is not something you watch from a movie, but more from a high- school play.

The acting was awkward most of the time and on top of that a very low quality costumes and low cost setting.

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